Friday, April 17, 2009

How to Hit the Speed Bag - Linking Punches

I don't even remember how many years I have been hitting the speed bag anymore. The first time I saw one was in a small gym that used to be about 20 minutes from my house. I had no idea how to hit it back then, but I asked one of the guys at the gym to show me how and he showed me the front fist roll. It sounded like a machine gun going through the gym when he hit it, it was so freakin' fast. I tried it out a couple times and could barely keep it going, but the interest was there and I soon bought my own set-up and installed it downstairs at my house.

Flash forward like 5 years and I have another homemade set-up that is awesome - nice and solid, giving clean, crisp rebounds, with no shaking or quivering. I have a handful of different bags - all different sizes and difficulty levels.

To help others learn how to hit the speed bag, a few months back I started this blog. I've been meaning to shoot some videos to help some of you to refine your speed bag hitting skills. I shot my first instructional video clip this week! I hope it helps you make progress in your speed bag training.

All the best in your training,