Friday, September 26, 2008

Zach Ruffo - Advanced Strikes Lesson

In this clip, Zach covers continuous elbow strikes from the sides and front, (triple and quadruple), and also double bumps from the front, back, and with the elbows. Zach is showing no signs of stopping in his speed bag innovation here, as he is displaying several techniques that I have never seen before, or at least I do not remember seeing them before!

-Jedd Johnson-

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Speed Bag Resources

My purpose with this blog is to establish a source of information for athletes who are interested in learning how to hit the speed bag.

The majority of the posts will include videos. Many of these videos will be shot by other speed bag artists, especially, Alan Kahn and Zach Ruffo. They have already shot these videos many months, and in some cases, years in advance of me posting them here. They are the two people who have given me the knowledge for me to get where I am with the speed bag today.

I will try to compliment their works some insight of my own.

I will also from time to time post videos of my progress as well and try to shoot some instructional video clips as well.

Thank you for stopping the Speed Bag Resources Blog.

-Jedd Johnson-